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At The Loyalty Groomers you will find from all natural & holistic shampoos and conditioners containing no perfumes, dyes, salt, or detergents, specified skin care that's breed specific, unique grooming needs from shedding treatments, medicated shampoos, re-moisturizing treatments & styling requests, our commitment to you is the best possible care & best grooming experience for your pet.

Our professional pet stylists are there when your puppy needs to look & feel his best! Your dog will be the envy of the neighborhood!

These are only few services that we do, for any other enquiry please contact us to find out more, and if you looking for any other services that we may not provide, we will direct and recommend you to the right place.

Before Service

Home Visits

Please do not feed your dog at least couple of hours before grooming, also walking your dog before can help the grooming process also the dog to relieve and be more cooperative with the groomer.
We don't de-matt any dog or cat, mat's and muddy coat will increase your regular price as this will take extra time for us to complete the grooming also dog's with several matts will be clipped, of course, with owners, permission before the grooming begins.
De-matting or De-tangling dogs hair can be pain and stressful for the dog, therefore, we don't recommend to do it manually by brushing and pulling the coat.

On the day of your appointment, we normally attend 15 minutes prior to your appointment, in order to prepare the area of your choice that the grooming can take place, and this can be i.e. Bathroom, Kitchen, or spare room.

We will bring all our equipment with us, all we need is electricity and bright area or light.

This service is also for Cat grooming.

Thank you! Message received.

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