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About Us

The Loyalty Groomers is owned and run by Tony D Rexha, a lifelong dog & cat lover who has groomed walked, cared and accommodated dogs professionally for almost 18 years. The Loyalty Groomers goal has always been to give the best possible care to the dogs & cats of London in a way that is convenient and reliable for their busy owners.

Our exceptional standard of care and service isn't just for London dogs. We're also proud to oblige the needs of cats, birds, fish, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pig and in fact all kinds of domestic animals!


Our central premise is that all animals deserve to be treated with dignity, patience and respect. We want you to know that your pets will be in the hands of loving professionals who will treat them with as much respect and warmth as you do.

Your pets are awesome...And we'd like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to them!

About Our Partners

The hiring of employees is perhaps the most important and difficult job facing any pet care company with high standards. Our job not only entails entering people's private homes on a daily basis but also the care of living creatures who are beloved members of our client's families. For this reason, we have always taken great care to hire respectable and responsible animal lovers who have good backgrounds and have had prior experience with animals - either through lifelong pet ownership or through prior animal-related employment.


The Loyalty Groomers doesn't hire new staff very often. We would rather sacrifice growth and profit than compromise on the care of your pets by operating a revolving door of casual workers on minimum wage. Our staff is comprised of legally registered employees who are paid the lion's share of our revenues and receive unemployment insurance, worker's compensation and disability benefits. Our hiring philosophy is that you get what you pay for. When it comes to the safety and happiness of your pets, we won't take second best!


About Our Client's


We service a wide range of London residents and our clients have included bankers, lawyers, CEO's, doctors, nurses, advertising executives, secretaries, actors, bank tellers, store cashiers, mechanics, police officers, journalists, artists and celebrities.

We have also provided in-hotel pet care for tourists and those who travel on business.

The one thing our clients have in common is an uncompromising devotion to their pets and an insistence on the best possible care for them. Most of our clients have found us through word of mouth and through a referral from other clients.

We have great respect for everyone who uses our services and we fully appreciate their business! When considering The Loyalty Groomers for your pet, be sure to ask us for references and we will put you in touch with some current clients who can testify on our behalf.

Cat sitting is available if you prefer not to send your cat to any cat services, we ca visit your cat once or twice per day feed them and spend some time while you are away Price is £15.00 per visit

Cat Sitting Service

Basic Training

If you are interested having the basic training on how to groom your dog or cat please let us know will be happy to have you for few hours which can help you for very long time with your pet.

If you have any question please see out FAQ's Page to provide you with most frequent asked questions

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