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Grooming Preparations for Home Visit's

On the day of your appointment, we normally attend 15 minutes prior to your appointment, in order to prepare the area of your choice that the grooming can take place, and this can be i.e. Bathroom, Kitchen, or spare room so the Cat cannot escape easily.




Two Towels, and access to an electric plug

Binbag and bright area.

Do not feed your cat at least two hours prior to your appointment.

Do not allow your cat to go outside at least two hours before we arrive as

Car Parking Space or visitor permit is required

All cat prices can be found on our price list menu


Matted Cat & De-matting process,

Matt`s are the biggest enemy to cats also to the groomers; removing them or de-matting your cat can be very stressful and painful. Normally we will take more time to de-matt depend on your cat`s temperament and if that can be removed as sometimes cats can get matted right to the skin and only option is to spot shave or entirely shave your cat i.e. lion cut.



Grooming & Washing your Cat,

As we all know cat's do not like to get wet and if they face it can be stressful to them if you have trained your cat through this process then it will be fine to wash, we will wash, and dry your cat on the same day, otherwise will do with dry shampoo, which is less stress to your cat.


Prices will start from £95.00 for the full grooming but this will not include matted cats

First Time Cat Grooming,

For cats that never been groomed before, it may take several sessions in order to complete the grooming process. However, to some cats with a calm temperament, this will not be an issue, and grooming can take approximately two hours.

We aim not to stress your cat but to make that grooming as pleasant as possible; the next visit your cat will know that we do not give stress or harm but just calm, clean groom, and love.


Humphrey Coocker Spaniel

Why should your pet be groomed

Regular brushing and grooming are necessary to maintain your pet's good health.

The coat eventually dies and is replaced by new growth. Removing dead 
hair/fur stimulates circulation and releases necessary oils in the skin. It also prevents a tangling of hair called 'matting' which is uncomfortable and painful for the animal to brush it out.


Dear Clients,


All prices are based on pets with an even temperament that is regularly groomed. Animals that need de-matting or have behaviour problems will incur additional fees, as we will consume more time to complete the grooming. For cat's grooming, the owners are required to stay with groomer until completed.


Small services also are available and complimentary such as cutting nails or trimming around the paws or eyes and if you wish to have a little training on how to cut nails you are welcome to ask and watch as this can benefit you and your pet in the future.

Knowing how to care for your pet will save you money and will maintain your pet`s coat in healthy condition, please book your appointment and you are welcome to stay with our professional groomer and learn on how to brush your Cat, or clipping their nails, cleaning ears and even on how to safe bath your pet. All this will provide your pet with a long happy life.

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